The PSAC-Quebec Social Justice Fund supports five organizations

The mission of the PSAC-Quebec Social Justice Committee is to assess applications for donations submitted by community organizations. Thirteen requests were received from organizations from all walks of life.

The Committee had a budget of $ 10,000. The committee looked at each of the candidates, ensuring that their mission was linked to that of PSAC-Quebec. After analysis, the committee decided to share the sum, distributed equally between the following five organizations.

League of Rights and Freedoms: a non-profit organization that ensures the advancement of rights and freedoms.

MEPACQ: an education and community action movement that engages in social struggles.

Action Network for the Equality of Immigrant Women (RAFIQ): an action network which aims to promote consultation between immigrant and racialized women in Quebec as well as mobilization around common issues promoting autonomy and equality.

Regroupement des Maisons des Femmes: the aim of the group is to promote the safety and protection of women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

Dr Benoît Deshaies Foundation: It is aimed to help people deprived of income or living below the low-income cut-off, by paying the costs of medical expertise and services. The Foundation assists people in obtaining justice before the CNESST.

The PSAC-Quebec would like to acknowledge the exemplary commitment of the organizations that submitted their candidacy and congratulate the five organizations selected.

If you want to submit your community organization to receive donations, please write to this address :